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Get Help at Your School or District

If you need help with an issue at your child’s school, please use this page for guidance and speak with the appropriate people in your school or district.

You can find the contacts at your school or district by using Find a School.

1. Start with Your Teacher

  • Ask about your child’s academics progress and grades.
  • Discuss behavioral, social, and emotional concerns.

2. Speak to your Parent Coordinator

  • If you can’t resolve a concern with your child’s teacher.
  • To learn more about school services and programs.
  • To request translation and interpretation services.

3. Meet with your Principal or Assistant Principal

  • If you can’t resolve your concern with your parent coordinator and have already talked to the teacher.
  • Call the school to make an appointment to speak with the principal or assistant principal.

4. Call the Family Support Coordinator in your District Office

  • Family support coordinators can help with concerns that can’t be resolved at the school level.
  • They consult with superintendents to help parents.
Use the Find a School search to get the contacts for your district.

5. File a Complaint

Parents have the right to file complaints about matters affecting a child’s education. If you cannot resolve the issue at your school or district, visit the How to File an Appeal or Complaint page.

If your child is a student with a disability and you have an unresolved special education issue you may call 311 and request to speak to the Special Education Call Center. The Special Education Call Center staff will work with you to resolve your issue. Parents can also register a complaint by calling 311 (24 hours a day, seven days a week). TTY Services are available by calling 212-504-4115.

More Supports at Your Child’s School

Guidance Counselor: Provides students with social and emotional support and academic guidance. Speak with the guidance counselor about your child’s academic schedule and classes, challenges and special needs, and college and career planning.

Paraprofessional: Helps to provide students with special education services and other accommodations that support learning.

School Nurse: Responds to and cares for student medical needs at school. Speak with the nurse if your child requires medication or treatment during the school day.

Safety Agent: Ensures student and staff safety; monitors and signs in school visitors. The safety agent is a member of the NY Police Department.

School Services and Programs

If you need assistance with school services and programs (transportation, school food, special education, or enrollment) speak with your parent coordinator.

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