• New York City Schools Account

    NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) is an app that helps you track your child’s education. Through NYCSA, you can see their grades, attendance, fitness results, schedule, and more. Find out how to sign up, now.

  • Parent Teacher Conferences

    How to make the most of your parent teacher conference. Learn questions to ask and how to request translation and interpretation services.

  • Family Empowerment

    We encourage all parents/guardians to get involved with New York City public schools. Families are our closest partners in helping our 1.1 million students to thrive. Learn some ways you can connect with your child’s school.

  • Parent and Parent Teacher Associations

    Members, officers, elections, grievances, meetings, bylaws, finances, Parent Leader Times, PTALink, Presidents' Council, and the Chancellor's Parent Advisory Council (CPAC).

  • School Leadership Team

    What a school leadership team (SLT) is and does, SLT members, the decision making process, and governing laws and regulations.

  • Education Council Elections 2021

    2021 is an election year for New York City’s Education Councils. Run 2021, and serve on your district or one of the citywide councils.

  • Current Education Councils (CECs)

    Learn what CECs are and what they do, view meeting schedules and current members, and find out about currently available council seats.

  • School Wellness Councils

    A School Wellness Council is a group of parents, students, school staff, and community members who work together and with the school administration to promote a healthy school community.

  • Family and Community Empowerment (FACE)

    The FACE team has staff members focused on parent empowerment at school-based, district, and citywide levels. All team members help to amplify parent voices across the city.

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