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Student drawing of NYC subway trainDid you know that you can track your child’s education on any computer, phone, or tablet? You can also sign the COVID consent form, right in the NYC Schools Account (NYCSA). You can sign up for an account by entering a few basic details. This will allow you to begin receiving notifications from the DOE. It only takes five minutes, and it is the first step in getting a full account.

School Based Testing Consent

Beginning October 2020, we will begin monthly random testing of students and staff in New York City school buildings. Provide consent to test your child for COVID-19 directly through NYCSA.

Adding Students

You have to add students to the account in order to see more detailed information. Once you have done this, you can enjoy all the benefits your NYC Schools Account provides.

If you do not have a creation code, or the school did not send you a letter about NYCSA, you will have to register in-person or teleconference into a school. Use the Find a School tool to get your child’s school’s contact and location information.

  • To register at school, bring a valid photo ID (like your passport, driver’s license, or IDNYC) and your child’s nine-digit student ID number, which can be found on your child’s report card.
  • To register over teleconference, your child's school will verify you or your child's identity by voice or sight.

You can add other students to your account as well, using the same process as above.

Sharing Access

You can invite other adults—like relatives or a tutor—to see information about your child on NYCSA. Some of the information on NYCSA is private, so be careful about who you invite.

To invite someone to NYCSA, log into your account and click on the Manage User Access page, to send an invitation to that adult’s email address. They will be prompted to enter your child’s nine- digit student ID and an Account Creation Code.
From this page, you can control how much information other users are able to see. You can assign a user to one of three roles:

  • Custodial users can see all information available about a child in your NYCSA account. Parents have this level when they register an account.
  • Noncustodial users can only see part of the information available.
  • Additional users can only see information the custodial user lets you see.

If you were invited to access a NYCSA account and suddenly see less information than you are used to, it means someone changed your role.

Contact Information

If you are a parent who lives with your child, or a custodial or non-custodial guardian, you can update your own cell phone number and email address in your NYC Schools Account, using the Emergency Contact page found under My Account.

The cell phone number you provide will be used by the DOE to contact you directly in the event of an emergency. We recommend reaching out to your child’s school to confirm that their records reflect your updated contact information and preferences.

When you sign in to your NYCSA account, you will see a pop-up message reminding you to update your emergency contact information, including your cell phone number and email address. You may click Update Now to go directly to the Emergency Contact page.

If you need to update your home phone number, you must contact your school directly to make the change(s), as this feature is not yet available.


The information stored in NYCSA is secured and protected by 128-bit SSL encryption. Information about your child is protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Contact us

If you have questions about your child’s NYC Schools Account, contact your child’s school or call 311.

If any of the information you see about your child in NYC Schools Account is incorrect, contact your child’s school.

If you are having trouble accessing your account, or have forgotten your password, used the “Forgot your password?” link on the sign-in page to reset it. If the problem continues, contact your child’s school.

For any questions about your access to another child’s NYC Schools Account, we encourage you to speak with the child’s parent.

We invite you to provide feedback using the Suggestions form. The link is found at the bottom of the page once you are signed into the Account.

Printable Resources

NYC Schools Account Parent Flyer

This flyer is a printable document for you and your child's school use as a quick reference guide to create an NYC Schools Account.

NYC Schools Account Creation Code Letter (SAMPLE)

The letter containing your child's unique NYC Schools Account Creation Code will look similar to this sample letter:

NYC Schools Account Community Email September 2020

This email encourages families to sign up for a NYC Schools Account:

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