Lost or Stolen DOE-loaned Devices

Families who need to replace an iPad that has been lost or stolen must first file a police report in person at their residential police precinct. In any case where the iPad was lost or stolen, even if it was during delivery of the iPads to families homes, a police report is required. 
  • When you get to the precinct, let the front desk staff at the precinct know that you wish to report a lost or stolen iPad that was issued to them by the NYC Department of Education.
  • Note the report number, precinct number, the date the complaint was made, and the name of the person taking the complaint.
  • the officers who assist you should give you a notation of the report number on a form or on a business card with the officer's name and precinct

Once the families have the needed information, they can visit the SupportHub to fill out a ticket, or call the Help Desk at 718-935-5100 option #5.

  • Your child's school may be able to assist to file the report with the help desk.
  • The replacement items will be shipped to the school, school staff will contact you to arrange a pick up once they receive the replacement items.

Also note:

  • Families will NOT have to disclose their legal/immigration status.
  • NYPD does not report or share this type of information with other government agencies.