What’s New in Student Transportation This Year

Student Transportation Modernization Plan

We are working with Via to customize a solution for student transportation to meet the needs of New York City families, students, schools, administrators, and school bus companies. We are introducing these technologies to NYC student transportation to improve the overall quality of service.

Find out more at NYC Student Transportation Modernization Plan.

New Form: Alternate Afternoon Drop-Off

If you want an alternate afternoon bus drop-off arrangement for your child in the 2021-22 school year, please submit a new Alternate PM Drop-off Request Form (you can set the browser to translate the form into your preferred language).

The request form is also available in PDF format

School Bus Routes and Services

Your child may be on the bus with students from different schools. Getting our students to and from school as safely as possible is as important as keeping them safe while they are in the building. Whether traveling by bus, public transportation, or other means, students will be expected to follow the same safety protocols, such as wearing masks, as they will in and around their school.

Your Child’s Bus Route

Your child’s current transportation assignment and information is now available in your NYC Schools Account (NYCSA).

Contact your child’s school for help setting up a NYCSA account and to find out your child’s schedule, what days they will be in attendance, and their programming model.

Public Transportation


Your school will provide student MetroCards to students engaged in blended learning to travel to and from school. Some parents/guardians who must accompany students traveling for in-person blended learning are eligible for a MetroCard as well. Eligible adults are:

  • parents/guardians of pre-K–6 busing students
  • parents/guardians of students in temporary housing.

When using public transportation, students will be expected to follow the same safety protocols as all New Yorkers.

Health and Safety

School Bus Safety Procedures

School buses transporting students will follow guidelines outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and New York State with regard to all requirements . Buses will take the following steps:

  • Where practicable and weather permitting, windows will remain open and with the air system on the bus in the non-recirculating mode during transit; please dress your child appropriately.
  • Everyone in a school bus must wear face coverings (masks) at all times regardless of vaccination status, unless they have an approved medical exemption from the mask requirements.
  • In accordance with CDC and New York State guidance, physical distancing is not required on school buses and students will only socially distance when possible. 

Protective Face Coverings and Personal Protective Equipment

In accordance with New York State Education Department (NYSED) and CDC recommendations, all students, drivers, and attendants must wear a face covering (mask) on school buses. If they do not have one, the bus operator will provide one.

Only students who are exempted from facial coverings requirements due to their age or medical needs, or whose physical or mental health would be impaired by wearing a face covering, may ride the bus without one. 


Where practicable and weather permitting, buses will operate with the windows open and with air system on the bus in the non-recirculating mode.

Cleaning and Disinfecting 

Each night, all school buses will be cleaned and disinfected using CDC recommended cleaning and disinfection protocols.

Student Health Screening 

Before sending children on a bus, family members are expected to screen their children’s health at home, including conducting temperature checks, to make certain they are well enough to board a bus and attend school.

Bus personnel will not be administering screenings prior to the buses being boarded. 

Bus Exiting Procedures

Students will exit school buses one row at a time. At all times, students should wear their face covering.

Behavioral Expectations on Buses 

All children riding school buses should follow health and safety guidelines at all times and follow the Behavioral Expectations and Guidance. If a student repeatedly fails to comply with health and safety protocol on buses, bus companies will notify the school for appropriate action.

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