Transportation Eligibility

Transportation eligibility is based on a student’s grade level, walking distance between home and school, and existing accommodations based on a medical condition, housing status, or safety assessment.

Grade LevelDistance Code A:
Less than 0.5 mile
Distance Code B:
0.5 mile or more, but less than 1 mile
Distance Code C:
1 mile or more, but less than 1.5 miles
Distance Code D:
1.5 miles or more
Grades Kindergarten, 1, and 2Not EligibleSchool Bus or MetroCard
School Bus or MetroCard
School Bus or MetroCard
Grades 3-6Not Eligible
MetroCard only
School Bus or MetroCard
School Bus or MetroCard
Grade 7-12Not Eligible
MetroCard only
MetroCard only
MetroCard only

Exceptions to Transportation Eligibility

Under certain circumstances, the DOE may grant an exception to the eligibility requirements. The five types of exceptions are:

To apply for an exception, complete the appropriate request form on the Exceptions to Transportation Eligibility page and have it signed by your child’s school. In the case of a medical exception, a doctor must also sign the forms.

Click one of the links below for other circumstances which may impact transportation:

Specialized Transportation Eligibility

Students who have transportation as a related service through their IEP or medical accommodation plan (504) are eligible for specialized transportation.

Visit our Specialized Transportation page to learn more.

Pre-K and Early Intervention Programs

Pre-K and Early Intervention students are eligible for curb-to-curb school bus service if their IEP or Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) recommends transportation as a related service.

Students who are Temporarily Housed, Including Homeless and Foster Care

Per Chancellor’s Regulation A-780, students who are homeless or temporarily housed are eligible for free transportation while they are homeless, through the end of the school year in which they become permanently housed, and for an additional school year if the student will be entering the final grade in their school. The student has a right to a MetroCard if stop to school busing is not available.

Visit the Students in Temporary Housing page to learn more.

Public School Choice

Students enrolled in Public School Choice (PSC) receive school bus transportation if they are eligible to receive a MetroCard and live within the same borough as their school. Bus transportation for students in PSC is not provided across borough lines.

A student MetroCard may be assigned to a PSC student who is not eligible for school bus service.

Siblings of a PSC student attending the same school may be assigned the same bus stop and may use that stop until the PSC student graduates from the designated school or enters grade 7.

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