STEM is an abbreviation for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Students can learn about STEM both inside and outside the classroom at all grade levels (PreK-12). STEM can also incorporate the arts—then it becomes STEAM. History and literacy may also be included.

STEM education gets students to ask questions and solve problems that relate to the world they live in. Using the engineering-design process, students identify problems, design possible solutions, and test and evaluate those solutions. This process, combined with the study of math and science, helps students to find connections that make science, math and technology relevant to their lives and engaging for them.

STEM can include a variety of courses that combine subjects such as:

  • computer science
  • robotics
  • sustainability
  • environmental studies
  • marine science
  • urban transportation
  • financial literacy
  • urban gardening and farming
  • communications
  • green construction
  • facility maintenance
  • health and wellness

Apply Now! STEM Summer in the City

STEM Summer in the City is a free five week program designed to provide students in grades 2-10 the opportunity for an engaging and fun summer program designed specifically around STEM—science, technology, engineering, and math.

In addition to weekly STEM challenges that involve developing engineering solutions for real world problems and inventing with robotics and coding, the program also includes enrichment opportunities in the arts, physical education, trips to NYC cultural institutions.

STEM Summer in the City application is now closed... but there’s still time to be added to our waitlist! We are still accepting applications though May 3 to fill our waitlist though May 3rd. Apply for the STEM Summer in the City Waitlist 2019! Only online applications will be accepted, no paper.

  • Students are accepted into this program via lottery. We will accept applications for all high school students, but preference will be given in the lottery to students in grades 9 and 10.
  • Program runs from July 2-August 8, 2019.
  • Monday through Thursday from 8:30am-2:30pm.
  • Breakfast and lunch included.
  • Free transportation provided; MetroCards or busing depending on students’ grade level and the distance between their residence and the program location. There is no bus transportation between boroughs.

STEM Summer in the City takes place in 11 locations across the city. Based on the grades of your children, you may have to choose different locations on your application since students in grades 2-5 attend elementary sites and students in grades 6-10 attend the middle/high school sites; unless you select the site in Far Rockaway which serves students in grades 2-8. Click the school names below to see the locations where the program is offered.

Elementary School Sites

Middle and High School Site

Bronx: M.S. 390

Application Process

After providing some basic parent/guardian information, select the number of children you are applying for. For each child, provide their first and last name, student ID (9-digit # that is on your child’s progress and/or report card), date of birth, gender, current grade, and school. Only students who attend the schools listed in the application are able to apply at this time. Lastly, select the sites that are your first and second choice to attend.

Some elementary locations may partner with CBOs (community based organizations) to provide a wraparound program. These programs will end at 5:30pm, run on Fridays, and include an additional week from Monday, August 12-Friday, August 16, 2019. If the site you select as your first choice offers this wraparound program, you will be prompted to confirm your interest in attending if this program becomes available.

More about the application

  • Parents will be notified of acceptance via email the week of May 13, 2019 and will be asked to accept the seat and provide additional information within the time frame specified. Failure to respond in a timely fashion will cause the seat to be offered to the next student on the waitlist.
  • Parents will be notified by their child's school if they are required to attend summer school. If so, the child will not be able to attend the STEM Summer in the City program. Parents will be notified in June of this change.
  • If your child is accepted to this program, you must commit to your child attending all five weeks.
  • Failure to provide accurate information on the application could negatively impact your child's participation in the program.
  • You will receive an email confirming receipt of your application after it is submitted. If you notice that something is incorrect on the application, don't submit a second application. Email with your child’s first and last name, the date and time you submitted the application (found in your confirmation email), and include any changes that are needed. We will email you once your application is updated.
  • Contact or your school's parent coordinator for support completing the online application. Use school search to find the name and contact information for the parent coordinator at your child's school.

For questions, contact Please do not contact the program locations.

STEM Matters NYC Programs

STEM Matters NYC offers students in kindergarten through grade 12 exciting, hand-on, experiential science and STEM programs during spring break and summer. Programs range from one or two week camps and intensives, high school internships, and a four-week, four-credit college course. If you are interested in animal science or aerospace, marine biology or mechanics, ecology or engineering, and so much more, come discover, investigate, design, and create with us!

The STEM Matters NYC summer application is now closed. Sign up for our email list to receive updates about future STEM Matters NYC programs.

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