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  1. 10/18/2016

    Chancellor Fariña Announces Expansion of Showcase Schools, Middle School Quality Initiative and Learning Partners

    More than 100 schools join collaborative learning programs for the 2016-2017 school year

  2. 10/17/2016

    Chancellor Fariña Announces 365 High Schools Participating in College Application Week

    College Access for All Initiative Expanding Participation to Reach Over 53,000 Students. Builds College-Going Culture Along with SAT School Day, Elimination of CUNY Application Fee for Low-Income Students, New Resources for 100 High Schools

  3. 10/14/2016

    Chancellor Fariña Kicks-Off Parent Conferences with College Access for All Family Event at Tweed

    English Language Learner parent conference to focus on high school and college application process and services for English Language Learners. Chancellor kicks-off a series of language specific conferences in Spanish, Arabic, Bengali, and Mandarin. Citywide gains in attendance at parent-teacher conferences and school-based workshops

  4. 10/14/2016

    教育總監法瑞納在TWEED啟動了「大家都可以上大學」 (College Access for All)家長活動的家長會議

    英語學習生家長會 : 集中講解 英語學習生的 高中與大學申請過程和服務 總監啟動了一系列特定語言的會議,有西班牙語、阿拉伯語、孟加拉語和普通話 家長教師會議和學校講座的「全市出勤率得益」

  5. 10/27/2015

    Hamilton: The Musical, Chancellor Fariña, the Rockefeller Foundation Announce Partnership to Provide 20,000 NYC Public School Students with Tickets to Hamilton on Broadway with $1.46 Million Grant

    Innovative Educational Collaboration with the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History Will Support Classroom Studies

  6. 10/26/2015

    Chancellor Fariña Announces Free SAT Access During the School Day for All High School Juniors

    New SAT School Day Will Increase Equity and Access to College Exams. Announcement Comes as Nearly 300 NYC High Schools Kick Off College Application Week. SAT School Day, Expanded College Application Week Part of Commitment to College Access for All

  7. 10/22/2015

    First “Net-Zero” Energy School Named After Former DOE Deputy Chancellor Grimm

    New Kathleen Grimm School for Leadership and Sustainability at Sandy Ground will produce as much energy as it consumes. State-of-the-art design will teach students about conservation, sustainability and the importance of protecting the environment

  8. 10/14/2015

    Chancellor Fariña Announces Gains on SAT and Advanced Placement Exams

    NYC Students See Gains on SAT Scores, while Scores Nationwide Decrease

  9. 10/8/2015

    DOE to Open Kindergarten Applications Earlier So Families Receive Offers Sooner, Strengthening Transition to Kindergarten

    Applications Open Between December 7 and January 15. Offers Sent to Families in Mid-March – a Month Earlier Than Previous Years. Application Process and Priority Structure Remains the Same

  10. 10/15/2014

    Chancellor Fariña Announces Gains in Advanced Placement and SAT's

    The increases in AP participation and performance were largest for black, Hispanic, and Asian students

  11. 10/9/2014

    Chancellor Carmen Fariña Kicks Off Showcase Schools Program

    Showcase Schools to Share Promising Practices, Encourage Collaboration

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