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  1. 8/22/2019

    Mayor De Blasio And Chancellor Carranza Celebrate Gains For NYC Students On State Exams

    Pre-K for All closing achievement gap and improving test scores

  2. 8/21/2019

    Chancellor Carranza Announces Partnerships With Via to Launch VIA FOR SCHOOLS GPS and Parent App for All School Buses

    Buses will be equipped with GeoTab GPS technology for first day of school

  3. 8/8/2019

    Record Number of NYC Students Teachers and Families Complete NYC School Survey

    More than 1 million responses show high level of satisfaction & enthusiasm with NYC schools

  4. 8/27/2018

    Chancellor Carranza Announces Appointment of Linda P. Chen as Chief Academic Officer and Names New Executive Superintendents

    The nine Executive Superintendents will streamline supports, bring resources closer to schools, and create a clear line of accountability from each classroom to the Chancellor.

  5. 8/6/2018

    Chancellor Carranza Announces Appointment of Hydra Mendoza as Deputy Chancellor for Community Empowerment, Partnerships, and Communications

    Mendoza will oversee the divisions of Family and Community Empowerment, communications, external affairs, intergovernmental affairs, and translation and interpretation services.

  6. 8/2/2018

    Record Number of NYC Students, Teachers, and Families Complete NYC School Survey

    Results show high level of satisfaction with NYC schools, including 3-K for All and Pre-K for All

  7. 8/30/2017

    Chancellor Fariña Unveils New State-Of-The-Art Building for PS 191 Riverside School for Makers and Artists

    New 692-seat building features art and music rooms, a library, a gymnasium, science labs, and two rooftop recreational spaces

  8. 8/16/2017

    Chancellor Fariña Announces 12 More Elementary Schools to Participate in SEPjr Computer Science Initiative

    Part of Computer Science for All initiative to provide computer science education for every elementary, middle, and high school by 2025. 23 total elementary schools will integrate computer science topics from Kindergarten through Fifth grade

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