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  1. 1/28/2020

    Mayor de Blasio and Chancellor Carranza Announce Success of Community Schools: Increased Academic Outcomes Across City

    Independent, three-year research report finds Community Schools significantly improve graduation rates and test scores; reduce chronic absenteeism and disciplinary incidents

  2. 1/10/2020

    Chancellor Carranza Celebrates College Awareness Day

    Schools across New York City will participate in college- and career-themed events, building on City’s record-high college enrollment

  3. 1/30/2019

    Mayor de Blasio and Chancellor Carranza Announce Record High Graduation Rate

    Graduation Rate Rises to 75.9 Percent, Increases Across All Boroughs

  4. 1/11/2019

    Chancellor Carranza Celebrates College Awareness Day

    Schools Chancellor Richard A. Carranza today celebrated the fourth annual College Awareness Day with middle school students in Brooklyn.

  5. 1/29/2018

    Chancellor Fariña Highlights Passport To Social Studies Curriculum

    Today, Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña visited Social Studies classes at PS 150 in Queens, one of the 866 elementary and middle schools using the Department of Education's Passport to Social Studies curriculum. The Passport was introduced in the 2016-17 school year and has now been adopted by over 70 percent of the City's elementary and middle schools in its second year.

  6. 1/25/2018

    Chancellor Fariña Visits NYC Center for Aerospace and Applied Mathematics

    Today, Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña joined students from the Bronx and Queens for a visit to the NYC Center for Aerospace and Applied Mathematics (Space Center).

  7. 1/17/2018

    Chancellor Fariña Announces 33 New Pre-K Dual Language Programs

    63 pre-K Dual Language programs will be offered in five languages across the City beginning in September 2018.

  8. 1/11/2018

    Chancellor Fariña Announces 51 Percent Increase in Number of High School Juniors Taking SAT Exam

    Record-high 61,800 juniors took the SAT in the first year of the citywide SAT School Day – up from 40,803 juniors last year

  9. 1/8/2018

    Chancellor Fariña Announces Annual Arts in School Report, Celebrating Record-High Number of Certified Arts Teachers Citywide

    Report Shows $17 Million Increase in Arts Programming Across All Schools

  10. 1/11/2017

    Chancellor Fariña Announces College Awareness Day

    NYC schools Pre-K through 12 engage students and families around early college awareness. Schools will participate in college and career events throughout January, DOE’s College and Career Month

  11. 1/10/2017

    Chancellor Fariña Announces The 2017 Community and Citywide Education Council Elections

    District and Citywide Councils offer Parents an Opportunity to Shape Education Policy. 325 Seats are Open for Election; All Parents are Encouraged to Run for a Seat

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