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  1. 4/7/2015

    NYC Receives First Operation Americorps Funding to Support Transformation of Struggling Schools into Community Schools

    300 AmeriCorps members over two years to bolster capacity of City’s 128 new Community Schools, including 94 renewal schools

  2. 4/2/2015

    Chancellor Fariña Announces Expansion of ASD Nest and Horizon Programs

    41 New Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Classes Will Open Next Year

  3. 4/10/2014

    Chancellor Carmen Fariña and Actress Susan Sarandon Announce Addition of Table Tennis and Badminton Varsity Sports to Public Schools Athletic League

    New Sports Join cricket, Double Dutch and Rugby, Which Were Added in the Last Five Years

  4. 4/9/2014

    Chancellor Fariña Announces New Promotion Policy for Students in Grades 3-8

    Multiple Measures to Replace State Test as Driver of Promotion Decisions

  5. 4/7/2014

    Chancellor Fariña Launches Program for Collaborative Learning Between Schools

    Applications Now Open for Schools to Join the Learning Partners Program This Fall. Program Pairs Host & Partner Schools to Improve Learning Practices Citywide

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