Diversity in Our Schools

Our Commitment

The DOE is committed to creating and supporting learning environments that reflect the diversity of New York City. We believe all students benefit from diverse and inclusive schools and classrooms. We strive to welcome and support all students, families, and school staff. 

What is Diversity?

Diversity comes in many forms, including:

  • racial background
  • cultural identity
  • socioeconomic status
  • home language
  • country of origin
  • immigration status
  • ability
  • special needs
  • religion
  • gender identity
  • gender expression
  • sexual orientation
  • housing status
  • life experience

The Diversity Plan

The DOE’s diversity plan explains our approach to diversity work. It also includes several policy changes that are in progress. Read about the specific actions we’re taking to increase and support diversity in our schools. This plan builds on the important work we do every day, with all of our partners, to make our schools strong and welcoming.

Download the plan:

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District 1 Diversity Plan

In District 1, we are working closely with the community on a pilot to foster school diversity. This plan includes hosting the first districtwide Diversity in Admissions pilot and the opening of our District 1 Family Resource Center, where full-time staff help families learn about and apply to District 1 schools. The Family Resource Center also hosts events created for and by the community.

District 3 Diversity Plan

In District 3, we are launching a plan to increase diversity in District 3 district middle schools by providing more equitable access for applicants who are lower-performing students and whose families meet federal income eligibility requirements.

District 15 Diversity Plan

In District 15, we are launching a districtwide plan to increase middle school diversity. This plan was created through a year-long community engagement process in collaborating with school leaders, educators, parents and guardians, students, community members, and WXY Studio, and in response to recommendations from the District 15 Working Group. To see the full set of recommendations, visit the D15 Diversity Plan website.

Interested in hearing more about the District 15 Diversity Plan? Fill out this form and we'll call you.

Diversity in Admissions Pilots

More than 75 NYC public schools and programs are participating in Diversity in Admissions pilots this year. Through the admissions processes, these schools prioritize targeted groups of students including, but not limited to, students whose families meet federal income eligibility requirements*, English Language Learners, and students whose families are impacted by incarceration.

*Federal law identifies this group of students as eligible to get free or reduced-price lunch. Lunch is now free for all NYC public school students.

Learn more about all of these districtwide and school pilots:

Equitable Admissions to Specialized High Schools

We're engaging with parents, educators, advocates, students, and community leaders on a proposal for a better, fairer admissions process for New York City’s eight testing specialized high schools.

Read the proposal to learn more:

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School Diversity Advisory Group

The School Diversity Advisory Group is working to reshape citywide policies and practices such as admissions and program planning. Learn about advisory group members: 

Advisory Group Meeting Minutes

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Join the Conversation

Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island town halls took place in March through June of 2018. 

The Advisory Group continues to seek the input of students, parents, educators, advocates, and community members. Add your voice to the discussion! We'd love your feedback as we work to create, maintain, and support diverse classrooms. Email us at diversity@schools.nyc.gov if you have questions or suggestions.

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