National Student Clearinghouse Notice and Opt Out Form

According to federal law (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) the DOE cannot give out any information that identifies a student without the agreement of the student’s parent or guardian (or the student, if they are over age 18).

However, unless you tell us not to, we share the following information with the National Student Clearinghouse:

  • names and birth dates of students who started ninth grade in 2018–2019
  • names and birth dates of all students who attended DOE high schools from 2002–2018

This kind of information is called “directory information” and we are allowed to share it.

The National Student Clearinghouse keeps records on where students go to college and what types of diplomas they receive. They let the DOE know about:

  • where former DOE students went to college
  • when they went to college
  • when they graduated
  • what types of diplomas they received

We use this information to understand how ready our students are for college and what we can do to help them more.

To stop us from sharing your directory information with the National Student Clearinghouse, complete the National Student Clearinghouse Opt-Out form below and give it to the principal at your child’s school. This form contains more information for you about why the DOE is doing this, and what you need to do to stop us from sharing this information about your child:

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