COVID Information

  • Health and Safety in Our Schools

    Learn how we will be welcoming New York City students back to school communities and classrooms where they can feel safe and well-cared for.

  • COVID-19 Testing for Students

    Learn more about COVID-19 testing in schools.

  • Daily COVID Case Map

    This map shows all known cases of COVID-19 at New York City public schools. It is updated Sunday through Friday at 5:30 PM.

  • Home Rapid Test Kits

    Beginning January 3, schools will distribute free, take-home COVID-19 rapid test kits to any student (in grades kindergarten or higher) or any staff who exhibit COVID-like symptoms or have been in a classroom where a positive case has been identified. Beginning January 10, schools with 3-K and Pre-K programs will distribute these take-home COVID-19 rapid test kits to any 3-K or Pre-K student who exhibits COVID-like symptoms.

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