iPad Requests

The DOE has loaned more than 320,000 internet-enabled iPads to students since transitioning to remote learning. We have made great strides in closing the digital divide and getting devices into the hands of our students who need them. 

If you need a device for your child for the fall, use the Device Request form.

  • The information you provide, including whether your family has WiFi, will be shared with your school so they can work with you to ensure your child has a device for blended or remote learning this Fall.
  • If you need to contact your child’s school, use Find A School, and click on the General Information section of the school details.
  • Schools are working with central DOE to help get the devices needed, but the central supply is limited and will be used for students in shelter or foster care as a priority. 

Returning students may be asked to bring the DOE device to the school they are attending. This includes:

  • Middle or high school or students moving up to new grades
  • Students transferring to a new DOE school

That device will stay in the school’s inventory at and can be reassigned by the school, as needed.

Students who left the DOE have been contacted and should bring the device back to the school the student last attended, if possible. For more information on returning a device contact your child's school.

iPad Care and Safety

iPads should remain with the student they are assigned to in order to engage in remote learning. If there is a change in the student's residence during remote learning the iPad should remain with the student, and should be used primarily inside the residence to prevent unnecessary damage. 

Damaged iPads are protected by AppleCare. The DOE will work with families to get broken devices repaired using this coverage. For AppleCare support, please file a Technical Support Ticket or call the Help desk at 718-935-5100. Families will not be held accountable for accidental damage through normal use, but please exercise caution and common sense to protect your iPad. iPads must be installed in the case provided. You should be using your iPad primarily indoors for schoolwork and it must be secured in the case when you travel with the device.

Getting Started with Your iPad

If you have received your iPad, and need help getting it set up, see the Getting Started with Your iPad page.

Technical Support for Families

Support for the iPads is available through our Technical Support Ticket or call the Help desk at 718-935-5100 

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