Remote Learning Survey

Learning at home has created an entirely new approach to education, and we want to hear how it has been working for you and your family. We are asking you to take a short survey to help us collect feedback about your experience with remote learning. The survey is:

  • Available in all DOE languages
  • Anonymous for all respondents
  • The same for all boroughs (survey is divided by borough to make it easier for you to identify your school name)

The results of the survey will help schools to continue to support families and students in the current learning environment.

Take the Remote Learning Survey 

Who can take the survey?

  • All Parents/guardians of DOE students in any grade
  • Students in grades six through twelve

The survey is available in Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, English, French, Haitian Creole, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Urdu.

Select the borough where you or your child attends school to take the survey. 

The DOE created the Remote Learning Survey in partnership with Panorama Education.

Survey Flyer

Print and distribute the survey flyer to families to encourage everyone to participate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should take the Remote Learning Survey?

All students in grades 6-12 and parents/guardians of students in grades 3-K through 12 are invited to participate in this anonymous online survey. 

How many surveys should be completed in households where there are sets of siblings in the same school?

Families that have more than one child attending a school should complete the survey on behalf of their eldest child. Families should complete only one survey per school per household.

What questions are asked on the Remote Learning Survey?

Review the family survey or student survey to learn more about the questions on the survey.

How will survey results be used? 

Each school will receive a report that summarizes family and student responses to the survey. Survey results are intended help schools understand student and family needs and to plan improvements to remote learning over the coming weeks.

Where can school staff find more information about the Remote Learning Survey? 

Review the Remote Learning Survey FAQ to learn more about survey administration.

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