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How to Use These Guides

For each subject below you will find links to worksheets with activities to do at home. For each activity, you will find:

  • A description and/or instructions for the activity
  • Information about both content and practice that the activity supports
  • One or more focus or discussion questions that will help deepen the learning of the activity

See the Additional Resources page for helpful links.


English Language Arts


Social Studies

College and Career Planning

Ninth Grade - Eleventh Grade

  • Use this Summer Program Guide or the Torus Teens search engine to find summer activities and internships.
  • Make a financial plan for your future.
  • Learning how to create a budget, opening a bank account, and managing your money are important life skills. Visit www.getbankednyc.org to take your first step in planning your financial future.
  • Families, take advantage of New York City's free financial services. Get help with making a budget, opening a free or low-cost bank account, opening a 529 account, and even filing your taxes.

Eleventh Graders

Twelfth Grade

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