Health Education

Health education is a required academic subject that teaches students how to take care of their minds, their bodies, and their relationships with others. Health education is required for students every year, in grades K-12. In health class, students learn the concepts and skills they need to be healthy for life, including:

  • Social and emotional skills
  • How to set goals for life and health
  • How to find and use health services
  • Good communication and relationship skills
  • How to set boundaries and resist negative social pressure

These skills are especially important during times when families and students are managing illness or other challenging situations. While your child is at home, you can support their physical, mental, social, and emotional development with the following free resources.

Grades K-5


Controlling emotions for kids 


Make a Mood Meter: Children learn how to make their own mood meter to check in with how they are feeling and recognize when they are upset and others are upset.

Middle School


Take Home Activity: Family Interviews: Children interview an adult or loved one to learn how to identify and manage emotions. 

Learning About Decision-Making: Information about the effects of our choices and decisions, with questions to help students think about their own decision-making.

High School

Resources coming soon.

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