Summer in the City

Summer in the City offers a variety of free and exciting opportunities through the Summer Academy and Summer School programs. Students spend the summer participating in engaging lessons and hands-on STEM activities, along with taking field trips to museums, parks, and other cultural sites.

Summer in the City provides transportation and all students will receive a free, healthy breakfast and lunch.

Registration for Summer Academy enrichment programs launch each spring.

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Summer School

Summer School is for students who were not promoted to the next grade during the regular school year. Students attending Summer School receive additional instruction to prepare them for success in the next grade.

All DOE students are welcome to enroll in Summer in the City’s programs, including students who receive special services. Extended-School-Year, Related Services and D75 summer programs are also available for students depending on their IEP.

Learn more about the Special Education services available this summer by talking to your student’s Principal or visiting our Other Special Education Services page.

Summer Academy

Summer in the City offers a variety of free Summer Academy programs for students of different ages. Summer Academy programs include hands-on STEM projects and field trips to museums, parks, and other cultural sites.

Summer Academy programs are for students we did not recommend for Summer School. Transportation and free, healthy breakfast, and lunch are included.


Students qualifying for transportation during the school year will also receive transportation services for Summer in the City programming.

  • Free transportation is provided depending on students’ grade level and the distance between their residence and school.
  • Summer School sites will distribute MetroCards to qualifying high school students.
  • Students who are not eligible for transportation during the school year but are attending a summer location more than a half mile from their home school may be assigned a shuttle stop to transport them from their home school to the summer location. Parents can contact their child’s home school or the summer location for assistance before the start of summer school.

Learn more about transportation services and eligibility by visiting the Transportation page.

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