Middle School Waitlists

We’ve made a few updates to the middle school admissions process. These updates will not change how or when you apply to middle school, how you get an offer, or where you get an offer. All middle school applicants will still receive a middle school offer.

Read on to learn what's new! To see the whole middle school admissions process at a glance, visit our website.

What's New

When you get your middle school offer letter in April, it will include not only your middle school offer, but also a list of programs where you have been waitlisted.

  • You’ll be automatically added to the waitlist of any program that you listed higher on your application than the program where you received an offer. Example: If you get an offer to your third-choice program, you’ll also be waitlisted at your first-choice and second-choice programs.
  • Please note that there will be no Appeals Round application this year.
In the spring or summer, waitlist offers will be made based on seat availability, admissions priorities, and admissions methods.
  • If and when seats become available at a program, waitlist offers will be made. Schools will be in touch directly if seats open up and they can make you an offer.
  • You’ll be able to check your place on the waitlist for any school, in real time.
  • You’ll also be able to add yourself to waitlists. However, please note that your best chance of getting an offer to any program is to include it as a choice on your original application.

Have questions? Read on, and if you want to learn more, you can:

Frequently Asked Questions

Which schools will have waitlists?

Schools that have more applicants than seats available will have waitlists.

How do students get on waitlists?

Students will be able to get on waitlists in two ways:
  • Through the Main Round Application: Students who did not get into a school through the application will automatically be added that school’s waitlist. Students will be on the waitlist for any school that was listed higher on their application than the school to which they are given an offer. For example, if a student got into their 5th choice, they would be on the waitlists of choices 1-4.
  • Post-Application: Students can add themselves to waitlists for schools that they did not apply to, but they are now interested in.

Will I be able to learn where I am on a waitlist? How?

You can learn of your position on each waitlist you are on through MySchools, P311 (718-935-2009), Family Welcome Centers, and your current school.

How are students ordered on waitlists?

Students will be automatically placed on waitlists for all schools that they list higher on their application than the school to which they are given an offer. Applicants will have a unique placement on each waitlist based on a school’s admissions method and priority structure.
  • For schools that have open admissions, students will be ordered randomly within their priority group (for instance, students with zoned priority or district priority).
  • For schools that rank students based on a screen or audition, students will be ordered based on their rank within their priority group.

How long can I be on a waitlist?

Waitlists will expire in September 2020.

Is there a limit to how many waitlists I can be on?

There is no limit to how many waitlists a student can be on.

Middle School Waitlist Update

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Middle School Waitlist FAQs

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