Cover Design Challenge - Previous Winners

We are pleased to showcase designs by the winners of the 2018 Cover Design Challenge; in this challenge, students submitted potential covers for the 2019 NYC High School Directory.

As you can see, our judges appreciate a wide range of styles: 

2018 Challenge: Grand Prize

The grand prize winner of the 2018 Cover Design Challenge was Badiallo Diawara, a student at Thomas A. Edison Career and Technical Education High School. Badiallo's design is inspired by New York City middle school students taking flight, exploring, and finally landing at the high schools that seem right for them. (Teacher: Evelyn Loveras, Principal: Moses Ojeda)

This cover design was the grand prize winner of the 2018 Cover Design Challenge. It shows the image of an brightly colored origami bird flying on the front cover toward a branch on the back cover, where it lands.

2018 Challenge: Second Place + Winner of Public Vote

This cover was designed by Iliany Collado, a student at Alfred E. Smith Career and Technical Education High School. Collado's design was inspired by the constellation of choices for public school students in NYC, as well as how it feels for students to enter a new place, a new school. (Teacher: Isabel Aristy, Principal: Evan Schwartz)
This cover design features a silhouetted young girl reaching for a diploma as she stands on top of Earth with outer space all around her and the boroughs of New York City represented as constellations above her. The back cover features a glowing moon.

2018 Challenge: Third Place

This cover was designed by Thinn Win, a student at the High School of Art and Design. Win uses a non-binary Statue of Liberty in this design to represent all of New York City and the wide range of students that attend school here. As a high school student, this Statue wears a pair of headphones for a crown. (Teacher: Janice Edelman-Lee, Principal: Manuel Ureña)

This cover shows a non-binary Statue of Liberty listening to music on headphones and watching over the city below. Music notes and birds fill the sky. On the back cover, a rendering of the skyline extends across.
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