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  1. 5/26/2015

    City Announces New PROSE Schools Driving Innovation Across School System

    PROSE program doubles in size to 126 schools serving around 48,500 students at all grade levels. PROSE schools suspend Department and union rules to drive innovations like longer school days, college-prep lecture and seminar classes, small-group instruction, hybrid courses that combine subjects like English and history

  2. 5/21/2015

    Chancellor Fariña Announces Expansion of Teen Thursdays

    60 Middle Schools Will Participate Next Year. Middle Schools Can Still Apply to Participate

  3. 5/20/2015

    Chancellor Fariña Announces New School Data Tracking Tools to Drive School Improvement and Increase Accountability

    Principals and Teachers Will Use New Data Tools to Inform Planning and Decision-Making

  4. 5/12/2015

    Chancellor Announces Election Results for Citywide and Community Education Councils

    Hundreds of parents selected to serve on 36 Citywide and Community Education Councils. 2,297 parent selectors voted – a 60% increase from 2013. 1,290 parents applied for a CEC seat – up from 729 in 2013. New member orientation and training is this summer, leadership training begins this fall

  5. 5/7/2015

    Chancellor, Microsoft, and NYU Polytechnic Announce NYC Summer STEM 2015

    Pilot Program Will Provide Hands-On STEM Opportunities for 1,200 Students. Microsoft Leading Supporter of Design and Implementation of Program

  6. 5/6/2015

    Chancellor Fariña Champions Strengthened Family Engagement

    Hiring over 40 Family Support Coordinators, one in each district, to support family outreach and community engagement. 40 minutes of weekly parent engagement for one-on-one time with teachers and families. Six Chancellor’s parent conferences held since Spring 2014

  7. 5/4/2015

    City Releases Community Schools Strategic Plan

    Across the City there are 128 Community Schools that have opened or initiated development during the 2014-15 school year

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