Chancellor Fariña Kicks Off Summer In The City Registration

  • Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2018 Updated: Thu Apr 19, 2018

Free, Full-Day Summer Programming Available for Students of All Ages across the City

NEW YORK – Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña today announced that the registration period for this year’s Summer in the City (SITC) – which provides free, full-day summer programming for students in grades 2-12 – is now open. In its third year, SITC provides more than 30,000 enrichment seats across the city, offering exciting, hands-on reading, math, and STEM programs; internship opportunities; SAT prep; and visits to cultural sites across the City. SITC will run from July 5 to August 9, 2018 at more than 300 sites across the City, and families can enroll through April 27, 2018. 

“Summer programs are a critical part of our Equity and Excellence for All agenda, and I encourage families to sign up so that their children can continue learning over the summer and even visit museums or participate in hands-on STEM activities,” said Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña. “Summer is a special time of year for our students, and it’s important that they stay active, continue to learn, and of course, have fun.”

Launched by Chancellor Fariña in 2016, SITC builds on the DOE’s Equity and Excellence for All agenda by providing students with a variety of challenging and enriching literacy, math, computer science and college readiness programming. SITC opportunities are available through Summer Academy enrichment programs as well as mandated summer school. Summer Academy programs are open to all DOE students, and may include lessons on ecology, aviation, robotics, engineering, visits to museums, zoos, and parks, internships, SAT prep, and more. SITC also offers high-quality and engaging mandated summer school programing for students who do not meet promotion requirements. 

SITC programs help prevent summer learning loss and ensure that students return to school in the fall ready to learn and succeed. All students participating in SITC will also receive free, healthy breakfast and lunch. To learn more about SITC and its Summer Academy and mandated summer school programs, visit 

Summer Academy programs include:
Second Grade
Students will learn and play during the summer by joining SITC’s Second Grade program. Second graders will participate in hands-on STEM activities and go on field trips, while also practicing their math and reading skills in preparation for third grade. Families should contact their child’s principal to enroll.

Family English Initiative
Families with students in kindergarten and first grade can learn English together and explore cultural institutions across the City. 

Summer STEM
The study of science, technology, engineering, and math encourages children to think critically and solve problems. There are two summer STEM programs offered this summer:

STEM Summer in the City This five-week program exposes students in grades 2–10 to skills like coding, game design, robotics, and the engineering design process. Students will also participate in art projects, field trips, and physical education.

STEM Matters NYC CampSTEM Matters NYC offers students in grades K–12 programs that range from animal science to aviation, and ecology to oceanography. Students can participate in week-long camps, high school internships, and a four-week course that counts toward college credit.

DREAM Program
DREAM is a program that helps prepare eligible middle school students for the Specialized High School Admissions Test. 

ELL Summer Enrichment Programs

Elementary and Middle School ELL Summer Enrichment Program English Language Learners in grades 2-8 can continue strengthening their academic skills through this new program.

High School ELL Summer Enrichment Program English Language Learners in grades 9-11 will have access to enrichment programs including SAT prep, writing workshops and documentary filmmaking.

Community Schools K-5 Program
Students at participating Community Schools can spend this summer learning through hands-on activities. This full-day program runs five days a week and is open to students in grades K-5. 

Career Clue
Students can receive valuable work experience through the Career Clue program, as well as a full SYEP summer wage ($1,500-$1,900 for the summer). Students can also earn academic credit. The program includes field trips to learn about different career pathways. Applicants must attend a Community, Renewal or Rise high school to apply. 

Renewal and Rise High School Programs
Renewal and Rise students who will be in grades 9 –12 this fall, and are on track to graduate, can take part in one of the following programs this summer:

Summer Bridge This program gives students starting 9th grade in the fall a chance to get to know their new schools.

SAT PrepThis program provides SAT prep to students in grades 10-12 this fall. 

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