Chancellor Fariña Announces Graduation Rate Over 70 Percent for Class of 2015

  • Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2016 Updated: Tue Apr 24, 2018

Graduation Rate Rises to 70.5%, a 2.0 Percentage Point Jump Compared to Last Year

NEW YORK – Chancellor Carmen Fariña today announced that the four-year New York City high school graduation rate rose over 70 percent for the first time in 2014-15, and also announced a decrease in the dropout rate.

The rates below reflect the graduation and dropout percentages among the cohort of all students who entered 9th grade in the fall of 2011. All percentage point changes below are comparisons to the previous year.

  • The graduation rate rose to 70.5 percent in 2014-15, a 2.0 point gain
  • The dropout rate fell to 9.0 percent, a decrease of 0.7 points

New York City students’ graduation rates improved across the board, with Latino, Asian, and black students posting higher gains:

  • Hispanic students’ graduation rate increased to 64.0 percent, a 2.5 point gain
  • Asian students’ graduation rate increased to 85.0 percent, a 2.4 point gain
  • Black students’ graduation rate increased to 65.4 percent, a 1.7 point gain
  • White students’ graduation rate increased to 82.0 percent, a 1.4 point gain

Simultaneously, dropout rates fell among all ethnicities:

  • Hispanic students’ dropout rate fell to 11.9 percent, a 0.8 point decrease
  • Asian students’ dropout rate fell to 4.6 percent, a 1.2 point decrease
  • Black students’ dropout rate fell to 9.3 percent, a 0.3 point decrease
  • White students’ dropout rate fell to 5.2 percent, a 0.9 point decrease

“Today’s announcement of more students graduating than ever and fewer dropping out speaks to the critical importance of maintaining the momentum we are seeing in education here in New York City,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio.

“The increase in graduation and college and career readiness rates represents important progress, yet there is so much more to do to ensure equity and excellence in classrooms across all five boroughs,” said Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña. “I look forward to the continued work to strengthen instruction, expand opportunities for all students, and engage families as we make New York City the best urban school district in the nation.”

The percentage of Class of 2015 students meeting two college readiness standards – New York State’s Aspirational Performance Measures (APM), and New York City’s College Readiness Index (CRI) – also grew significantly.

To meet the APM standard, students must receive a score of 80 or higher on a Regents mathematics exam and a score of 75 or higher on the Regents English exam. Among graduates, the percentage of students meeting the APM standard rose to 42.6 percent, a gain of 3.2 points. Among all students in the 9th grade cohort, the percentage of students meeting the standard rose to 30.1 percent, a gain of 3.1 points.

The more inclusive CRI standard requires students to meet one of a number of thresholds: the APM standard, a certain SAT or ACT score, or passing CUNY’s assessments. Among graduates, the percentage of students reaching the CRI standard rose to 49.1 percent, a gain of 1.8 points. Among all students in the 9th grade cohort, the percentage of students meeting the standard rose to 34.6 percent, a gain of 2.1 points.

“I’m tremendously proud to see a strong increase in our City’s graduation rates and college readiness indicators, as well as a decrease in the dropout rate,” said Phil Weinberg, Deputy Chancellor for Teaching and Learning. “This is great progress, and we will continue to build on it because of the hard work of New York City’s educators, who deliver high-quality instruction from the moment students enter pre-K to the moment they graduate high school equipped with the tools they need to make great choices about their future.”

Earlier this year, Chancellor Fariña announced that 53 percent of the Class of 2014 enrolled in a two- or four-year college, vocational program, or public service program after graduation, the highest percentage ever. Additionally, the City announced increases in students’ participation and performance in AP and SAT exams across all ethnic groups. These gains reflect the Administration’s ongoing commitment to increasing college readiness and access.

The City is redoubling its efforts around college readiness and access as part of the Mayor’s agenda for equity and excellence across all schools with College Access for All, AP for All, and the new SAT School Day. Through College Access for All, every student will have the resources and supports at their high school to pursue a path to college. Through AP for All, every high school student will have access to a range of Advanced Placement courses. Through the new SAT School Day, all students will participate in the SAT exam during the school day in the spring of their high school junior year starting in spring 2017.

More information on New York City’s graduation and college readiness and rates can be found online.

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